Sensority 360° Multi-Track Airport

Suspect Detection Analysis Solution

Airport security has never been so challenging. As gateways to countries, airports have become a security “soft belly”. With each airport drawing in tens of thousands of people from across the world at any given time, every attack is an international crisis. With such sensitivity, airport security must secure all airport grounds and people, leaving no blind spots while adhering to the below additional constrains:

Passenger flow management

Greater capacity aircrafts

Multiple passenger security classifications

Legislative Compliance

Increased pressure of securing all airport grounds under operational uptime and profitability

With this in mind, Sensority delivers the sole 360° suspect detection analysis solutions that covers all grounds and people without having to interfere with the airports regular conduct or compromise on security.

Our multi-track airport security solution covers all grounds and people

from three main aspects

Added Values

  • No need for additional infrastructure
  • SW based easily integrates into existing SDVA solutions
  • Drastic cost reduction
  • Designed for densely populated area coverage
  • No queues at check points
  • Triple deep sense layer security analysis
  • Highest accuracy in the market
  • Future adaptive technology
  • Multi-Tracking Security with widest zone coverage
  • No interference with passenger flow management
  • Comply with legislative laws


Continuous tracking and predictions of particular subject or subjects

Connection to multiple cameras

Monitoring multiple subjects at any given time

Live monitoring of physiological data

Tracking between different cameras

Alarm report of suspicious subjects

Timeline of all suspicious detections

Review of monitored history data

Import/Export of monitored data

Monitoring options and settings