Mass SDVA (Suspect Detection Video Analysis)

One of the leading challenges in the HLS market is the ability to track or identify a lone terrorist or activist that does not belong to any identified group, but rather decide to operate on their own. How can you spot a single “loner” in a crowd full of people?

Our Triple Layer Video Analytics (TLVA) Technology provides a 360° suspect detection surveillance and analysis based on over 200 medical and non-medical parameters and is the sole solution designed to pick out the single “loner” from the crowds.

Our Mass SDVA is uniquely designed for large densely populated area coverage. Based on our TLVA technology the SDVA easily integrates into any existing security solution and CCTV infrastructure.

Added Values

  • No need for additional infrastructure
  • SW based easily integrates into existing SDVA solutions
  • Drastic cost reduction
  • Designed for densely populated area coverage
  • No queues at check points
  • Triple deep sense layer security analysis
  • Highest accuracy in the market
  • Future adaptive technology

Sensority's Mass SDVA is designed to scan and cover hundreds of people per second, eliminating any security queues and congestion. This enables the detection of suspicious subjects before approaching security check post.

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Continuous tracking and predictions of particular subject or subjects

Connection to multiple cameras

Monitoring multiple subjects at any given time

Live monitoring of physiological data

Tracking between different cameras

Alarm report of suspicious subjects

Timeline of all suspicious detections

Review of monitored history data

Import/Export of monitored data

Monitoring options and settings