Conducting Effective Interrogation

Whether financial, criminal or civil investigation, interrogating witnesses, subjects or suspects is the key to any successful investigation. Such interrogation is a skill that requires time and experience which in many cases are not available. Our TLVA technology delivers a game changing solution and approach to any investigation.

With our VSA Platform, investigations have never been so accurate and distinct. Behavioral patterns and analysis both on psychophysiological as well as neuro levels can now be obtained in real time without the need for any sensors or electrodes.

Data can be collected both offline and in real time where behavioral findings are immediately composed. This enables to determine the path and continuation or non-continuation of an investigation. Data that would normally require hours if not days of interrogation can now be obtained in real time and serve as a critical tool in the decision making process.

Added Values

  • Save time and resources in obtaining critical information and data
  • Interrogations can be conducted by a wider skill level
  • High accuracy rate
  • Establish behavioral pattern
  • Real-time suspect detection and analysis
  • Shorten investigation time and process
  • Ascertain the path of investigation
  • Cut on costs and resources

Based on this in-depth data, interrogators can know with a highest degree of certainty where to put emphasis, how credible and collaborative the subject is and more, all of which are critical for a successful investigation.

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