HR and Interview Credibility Analysis

Assuring the Perfect Match between Candidate and Job

How credible is the candidate you’re interviewing? True, we have all developed our methods of ascertaining the candidate’s skills and experience by calling references, cross- referencing, online searching, checking up on social accounts and more. All these require time and resources and in many cases go undetected.

Our TLVA technology can easily detect whether a candidate is open, honest and delivers the required experience. With our multi-disciplinary video analytics solution, the system cross-references over 200 changing parameters at any second to establish the candidate's individual behavioral pattern. Combined with our machine learning algorithms a true behavioral profile is composed to assess if a candidate is truly suitable for the position and work environment or not. This eliminates inconvenience for both corporation and candidate, miss matches and wasted resources.

Added Values

  • Obtain credibility rate of any candidate
  • Assure the perfect match between candidate and job
  • Save on wasted time and resources
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