Credit Risk Assessment

One of the main causes for the world’s credit financial crisis is the deviation from established principles as well as the reliance on only a handful of external risk assessment rating services. Being able to analyze a loan request in real – time while quickly and accurately calculating the risk ratio of any given loan request would position the loan market back on solid ground and credibility.

Now more than ever there is a way to solidify the loan market and drastically reduce the risk of credit. Sensority’s Triple Layered Video Analytics (TLVA) technology, delivers a 360° risk assessment solution that quickly and easily analyzes a loan request customer as they request the loan and establish their credibility rate with the highest possible accuracy in real-time.

Added Values

  • Avoid loan based financial crisis
  • Minimize loan risk
  • Obtain an individual credibility analysis and rate per customer
  • Analysis in real-time or per request

Sensority's credit risk assessment solution immediately generates a credibility rate report per customer. This allows the loan bank or provider to minimize the risk associated with credit loans and possibly avoid a financial crisis.

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To assure a 360° coverage, the Sensority credit risk assessment solution can easily be integrated into the following devices:

A single work station

Installed with a single camera to perform on the spot customer examination and analysis.

Mobile platform

More and more customers apply for loans and credit requests via mobile devices. To accommodate this, a video stream captured by the mobile device's camera is transmitted to an external cloud where each millisecond of video will extract over 200 physiological parameters for analysis. These parameters will immediately be analyzed uploaded to a generated report sent directly to the relevant financial branch or station as defined by the system.

Enterprise / Cloud Platform

For multiple work stations or for collecting data from multiple branch locations, whether locally, nationally or globally the Enterprise solution enables a connection to the organization's central cloud. The organization can now analyze endless number of work stations at any given time. Each work station will generate a report stored on the cloud/server.