VSA Recordex

The VSA RecordeX is an advanced interactive video recorder which provides real-time notifications on the quality of the recording. These notifications take into account aspects such as background sounds, lighting, distance, surrounding conditions as well subject’s visibility. The VSA Recordex assures recording is of the highest quality so that precise video analysis is obtained.

Our VSA RecordeX

Enables all captured video to be recorded and archived for future reference and further analysis via our VSA Explorer software.

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Added Values

  • Record all your interrogations
  • Compare recording to gather accumulated data
  • Establish and manage a recording archive
  • Use recording material as proof
  • Analyze video files at your own time
  • Guarantees highest quality video for highest accuracy analysis

VSA RecordeX Overview


Interactive recording which live validation of video quality.

Video archive manager and database, edit, delete or record new video.

Synchronization with VSA Explorer.

Defines best physical conditions required for the highest accuracies, including: lighting conditions, distance from camera, visibility of the subject, etc.

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