VSA Explorer

The perfect solution where real-time operability is not critical.

Provides full detection and decoding of non-standard psycho-physiological changes and stress related changes.

Identifies behavioral patterns and enables smart decision making.

Added Values

  • Analyze behavioral patterns at your own time
  • Decode non-standard behavior
  • Suspect cannot cheat the system
  • 360° Analysis

VSA Explorer Overview


Deep analysis of recorded video files during the interrogation process.

An easy-to-use stress-segmentation navigation map that provides an optimized and effective way for further exploration focusing on the interrogation's focal points.

Interactive and fast playback of any segment of the video recording including displaying relevant metadata relating to a given time interval.

Export capabilities, allowing to export the processed video’s metadata to CSV, PDF files.

Interactive video reports.

Each processed video file is converted to custom encrypted storage file type.

Exploration charts displaying the most important behavioral data that provides a wide range behavioral picture of the interrogated.

Flexible and modular UI.

Compatibility and synchronization with VSA RecordeX software.

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