Massive Suspect Detection Video Surveillance System.
Real time homeland security

By Sensority Ltd


Suspect Detection Video Surveilance

SDVS it's a unique combination between video surveillance and psycho-physiological analytics, which together provide you ultimate security solution for suspect detection by processing hundreds of people in real time.

System is based on cloud computing and adapted to massive analytics that processes video streams from the connected CCTV cameras and provide monitoring capabilities of psycho-physiological activity as well as alarm functions.
Observation of non-standard psycho-physiological changes over the observed time and pattern recognition methods, allow system to take smart decision about determination of subject's suspicious activity

Without any sensors and hardware equipment, SDVS represents an additional, remote tool for existing security infrastructures that will provide you with an additional indication to potential dangers.

How it works

We offer simple and smart system architecture
for providing real time processing to bring your security one level up

  • CCTV cameras

    Setup and connection of CCTV cameras to system

  • Pre-processing communication unit

    pre-processing of the video stream by the initial analysis and preparation of the necessary data to be transmitted for cloud computing

  • Cloud Video Analytics

    Data processing and applying of algorithms to identify and analyze physiological parameters

  • Monitoring Unit

    Display the processed data in the monitoring system which providing a set of controlling and surveillance options

Use Cases

At the initial stage of the development of our technology, we focus on use cases in which observed people are more or less at stable positions in a certain place for a short time. Such conditions allow us provide best analytics at current technology stage


Millions of people a day are crossing security checkpoints at airports worldwide. A crowd of people in the queues and waiting time allows the system to analyze the flow of people through the airport security checkpoints.

  • Passport Control
  • Automated Passport Control Kiosks

Transport Stations

Sransport stations, which are often the objects of attention of criminals and terrorists. In the process of crossing security checkpoints and waiting for transport, the system is able to analyze the crowd to identify suspicious activity.

  • Buss stations
  • Train stations


The system can be a useful tool in monitoring and analysis of thousands of people passing the security check at the stadium in a short period of time.

  • Football stadium


SDVS monitoring software provides a set of features that provide you with convenient and smart capabilities for monitoring and control over the entire surveillance process.

  • Connection to any camera or video files.
  • Connection to multiple cameras.
  • Monitoring multiple subjects.
  • Live Monitoring of psycho-physiological data.
  • Tracking between different cameras.
  • Alarm list of suspicious subjects.
  • Timeline of all suspicious detections.
  • Review of monitoring history data.
  • Import/Export of monitoring data.
  • Monitoring options and settings.


Cloud infrastructure and architectural approach to psychophysiological analysis, provides a number of advantages over existing security solutions.


Processing and analysis of a large video stream in real time

Parallel Analytics

Processing and analysis of hundreds of people at the same time

Psychophysiological Analytics

Intelligent analysis based on psychophysiological parameters

Distant Sensing

Non-contact analysis in a distance of 10 meters, based solely on the video stream

Suspicion Recognition

Recognition of suspicious people on the basis of the psychophysiological analytics

Deep Learning

Deep learning capabilities which improves system's analytics constantly

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