What we do

We are developing video analytics technology for monitoring and identification of suspicious subjects using the video stream from CCTV cameras. By processing the frames of video stream, we extract physiological parameters which further used for advanced psychophysiological analysis, which describe the psychophysiological activity of subject in the observed period of time. Any non-standard changes of the physiological parameters may point to internal pathogens, such as anxiety, stress, nervousness, excitation and etc.

Using modern approaches, we implement analytical algorithms on the cloud platform that gives us flexibility, scale and ability to produce massive psychophysiological analytics on hundreds and thousands of people in real time from different regions and places on earth.

Technical difficulties standing in the way, forcing us to find non-trivial solutions that would provide to world intelligent video surveillance system which radically change the current understanding of the possibilities of security systems

Our Vision

Our vision is focused around large-scale cloud platform for psychophysiological video analytics, based on which we can provide a series of products adapted to a plurality of security market's sub-layers. Thus we will bring the current infrastructure to a new level, where the security system will have the tools which will allow them to look beyond their vision.

Our Mission

We live in a world in which global processes affect the society, Often so that security in some cases, becomes an illusion which entails catastrophes, the loss of human lives and exposes us to danger. We have set ourselves the mission to provide additional tool for security infrastructures in order to reduce the risk of such cases, which would make our world safer for all of us.

Want to be a part of us ?

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