Sensority is the sole multi-disciplinary video analytics solution that relies on the human psychophysiology autonomic nervous system. This includes the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system controlled by our brains. With over 200 medical and non-medical parameters analyzed at any mili- second, Sensority delivers the highest accuracy video analytics solution that is beyond vision and sound.

Based on our Triple Layer Video Analytics solution, is designed to overcome any mastered manipulation and methods used to pass suspect detection systems, Sensority delivers the most reliable video analytics solution in the market.

Most solutions depend on physical aspects only such as tone of voice, heart beat and breath, which can all be controlled to bypass any detection and investigation system. Sensority relies both on the physical layers as well as the human sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous systems. These can hardly be controlled as they function on an unconscious level giving off uncontrolled signs that can only be detected by Sensority.

To assure the highest reliability in the market our multi-disciplinary video analytics solution cross references over 200 changing parameters at any mili-second combined with our machine learning algorithms and establishes an individual behavioral pattern that characterizes a suspect at any situation, space and distance.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sensority is to provide a technological response from a psychological -physiological perspective to the ever changing global security reality. Security has become a global issue on multiple levels.

From HLS to public events, investigations or financial fraud, at the heart of all security issues are people. Our mission is to provide all security interfaces with the tools to detect a subject’s suspicious behavioral pattern in time to take action and prevent the consequences deriving from today’s lack of security at a psychological –physiological level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the unmet response to deciphering behavioral pattern as an integral part of any security process. Whether in HLS, financial fraud or any investigation deciphering human behavioral pattern in real time will be the key to any security breakthrough. Collecting human behavioral pattern results into a global database will serve the security and defense community in limitless ways to make our world a safer place for all. Our vision is to make that happen.

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